Security Warning | Facebook Account Cloning

Author: Mel Haeata Larson

Note: Facebook cloning is not a hacking method these are scammers creating false accounts, but they do have the potential to cause some very real harm.

A serious issue that I have been noticing more and more recently is Facebook cloning. You might be thinking.. well that doesn’t sound very serious? Think of it as Identity theft on Facebook. These scammers will copy your information and photos, create a false version of your account and add your friends simply claiming you have started a new account. Now…depending the information and details you have shared on your Facebook, this can be rather serious


Here is a hypothetical situation to consider.

Lets say you receive a random friend request. Thinking nothing of it you decide to add this person. This person now has access to you information. Do you have your work details listed? Does your work have a Facebook page or group? Majority will answer yes. Now imagine someone spamming your works Facebook presence pretending to be you with horrid comments or images.

Now you have thought about that one. What about your child/rens school, kindy or play group ? Think about that for a moment. There is a very real potential for some serious damage..


Another trick these cloned accounts try is to spam private messages to your friend while claiming to be you warning them about some new virus or hacking and offer a link they can read for more information. Your friends being the trusting good people that they are automatically click the link and thank you (the false account version of you) for warning them. That link  might seem harmless until it infects their system with viruses or malware.

Here is another problem to ponder over. Once you have identified the cloned account how about trying to convince the Facebook gods themselves the account really isn’t you. remember the new account knows all your details.


Fortunately there are simple steps you can take to avoid this situation:-

  • If you receive a new friend request, do a little bit of research to make sure its authentic. if anything is suspicious do not add them.
  • if you receive a message from a friends new account claiming its them make sure it really is them give them a call or text message if you can.
  • – Enure your password configuration is complex, the more complicated the better. (although this doesn’t relate to Facebook cloning its a valid point.)
  • always, always keep personal details private.



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