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Not art related but I feel important for your online security and general well being.

Quote: Share share, Be Safe, Stay Safe.

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Personal Security on Facebook

Here at Ausacorp your personal online security is of the utmost importance. While we do our best to bring you the absolute best in online secure systems for your personal or business use. There a few things you yourself can do to increase your personal security and that of your loved ones, right here on Facebook.


Keep personal details private
Don’t share any personal address or contact numbers, and especially not bank account details.
Be mindful of the photos your share
In this day and age no one really knows who might be watching. A photo can reach billions of people even when shared privately with friends and family.
Planning a holiday?
This one is vital. If you are planning some time away from home be careful who you share this with online. This little bit of information is announcing to the world you will be away from your private premises, and for how long. This is particular troublesome if you have shared your personal address details.
Hints, tips or asking people to guess your password is a general no no. There is a good chance if they know you, they will be able to guess and there are alot of hackers and scammers out there.
Who are you posting to?
This one is not necessarily for security but general well-being.Facebook is design for social interaction. Most people these days uses Facebook in some form or other. However, this also includes your boss, co-workers s well as any social groups your aligned with political and religious for example. I’ve seen many stories of people losing work, outright being fired or thrown out of their social groups after ranting about customers or colleagues on their Facebook page.


Another good article is the “6 worst social media mistakes” from popsugar.


Share safe. Be safe, Stay safe

Ausacorp Crew

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