Are you consistent with your posts?

Social Media & Marketing Tips
Part 1: Be Consistent

Author: Mel Haeata Larson

There are a magnitude of research topics and articles online discussing the recommended frequency of postings and what those postings should be. What I have found is this: as long as your posts are regular, be it one to three times a day or one to three times per week, just be consistent. This activity will contribute to or become part of your social media campaign.

It is advisable to utilise scheduling systems to keep track of your posts and to save yourself some time. For instance, schedule topic specific posts at the same time daily or weekly. This will help develop recognition for your page. Your supporters or/and potential clients will come to know and expect posts related to that topic on those specific days and time.


For example:

Scheduled: On Silverink Media Facebook page articles relating to social media will be posted every Monday at 8:30 am; Social Media tips will come through on Tuesdays at 8:30 am, Promotional Offers and FanShares on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:00 am.

Non-Scheduled: Aside from these scheduled posts regular non-scheduled updates featuring Photography, Film and Art (as relevant to the theme of the page) will be posted in mornings and evenings. These posts will either originate from myself, local artists or shared from my supporters with the occasional inspirational memes shared a couple times a week.


While scheduled posts are a good idea, Non scheduled posts also grab attention and can keep the page upto date with recent events relevant to the message your page is trying to convey. They will keep your page interesting and prevent it from becoming stagnant. Sharing posts from your supporters will also keep them in the loop and show their own growth is important to you.

In short, be consistent with your posts regardless of the frequency. This will aid in developing recognition, expanding your market reach and keep your current supporters engaging and interacting with your page.


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