Marketing is everything

Author: Mel Haeata Larson


Traditional marketing consists of activities, processes and strategies organization utilize to communicate, connect and engage with their target market. This isn’t just about the advertising and sales, marketing encompasses various methods companies utilize to obtain, maintain, retain and develop the relationship with the client or customer.

However, it is vitally important to consider Marketing as not just a separate entity of your business but as part of everything, every step you take, every consideration, every email, every phone call, every conversation, every pleasantry and even every complaint. Marketing is everything a company does prior, during and after the fact. Successful marketing is continuous, it’s innovative and ever-evolving. What may have worked one year, may be a complete failure the next.

Marketing is not always sales driven, nor is it really about the statistics. In a way it is but not really in the way that matters the most. Marketing should be about the people. Marketing is connecting with your clients, building relations with them and not falling into the trap of treating them like a statistic.

When you think of marketing you may often imagine big billboards, centerspread of a newspaper, big expensive ads in magazines and TV commercials. While it is these things.. it is so so sooo much more! Marketing is not always about big expensive formal gestures, effective marketing can just be the little things that simply say thank you, we appreciate you and you matter to us.

The little things matter. A simple offer of free shipping, a bonus item, inviting the client out for brunch, offering a free bottle of water on a hot day or even just sending them a Christmas card or member anniversary card. Marketing is everything a company does to obtain, maintain, retain and develop the relationship with their customer.

Marketing is everything.


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