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Author: Mel Haeata Larson

Recently I stumbled across an ap that integrates Instagram feeds with Facebook business/fan pages. I know there are a few aps available like this, however this one caught my eye for its functionality, simple use and price.. well its free, which is always a good thing.

Instagram feed is powered by Iconsquare

According to their website Instagram feed Tab for Facebook Pages is used by over 150,000 brands. The core idea behind the service is to offer your followers the means to engage with your Instagram content via your Facebook page by showcasing your Instagram posts with a choice of three layouts. Through Instagram Feed page visitors have the options to view, share, like and send your Instagram content to anyone they choose be it friends, family or co-workers on Facebook.


The service doesn’t stop there, it offers the ability to add additional feeds from Instagram, not just your own. There is another function of Instagram feed to explore, the Timeline cover, which is available for both Pages and personal profiles. The timeline cover is created from your 50 most recent Instagram shots.


There are other abilities this wonderful ap offers I’ll leave them up to you to explore but!! I will mention the Photo Gallery widget that will integrate with your website or blog and yes your wordpress aswell.


Heres a pic of Instagram Feed in use on Silverink Creative Facebook page. Here you can see the management side of the ap with ability to customise features and add additional feeds. While this version of the ap is free there is a pro version that offers a few more features. However I think the free version offers more than enough functionality for most users.

Instagram Feed

Anyone who uses Instagram should be on Iconosquare.
Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to see which pics
resonate best with your followings, or business of any kind looking to monitor
social photo campaigns and initiatives »
– Mark Holder, Director, Partner Integrations at HootSuite Media Inc.

Thats all for now crew.

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