10 TIPS to grow your Instagram Naturally.

Author: Mel Haeata Larson

I have compiled a list of tip that will help you grown your following naturally with genuine people but always remember above all else Engagement is key. You can do all the marketing and promoting in the world but if you do not engage with your followers they will just skipped by. You must engage with your followers, if you do not you are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities, and growth for your page not to mention clients.

So my friends please take a few moments to engage with your followers. This will show your genuine and your followers are important to you.engage with your followers and be thankful for them and their support.

Now lets get on to the tips.


Tip #1: Promoting a new page

If you are starting anew, do you have a Facebook page (yes I know your reading this on Facebook lol) or any other social platforms? if so start there. Just by post something like “Are you social? So are We!! Follow our new Instagram page and we’ll do the same” also remember status updates have a higher success rate that ones without so you might like to include a catchy image that relates to you page, this will help promote it more.


Tip #2: Know your market

It is also highly important to know your target market. I advise to do a little bit of research and follow pages that interest your clients. Don’t forget to comment on them as well, they will see your name. Also be careful not to over do it. You don’t want to end up in the spam basket. Just comment to show your interest. “that sounds like a great idea!” or “omg I cant believe I missed that show!! It looks so good!”


Tip #3: Miracle of new followers

When you do start experiencing the miracle that are new followers please be sure to private message new followers and always thank them. Also if you have a deal happening or a big sale coming up soon just let them know. For example:

“Thank you ever so much for following my page! I have returned the favor and I am following yours now aswell. I am also having 10% discount on XYZ until xx/xx/xx if you see anything that interests you please let me know ”


Tip #4: Reaching your Local Market

Now to promote engagement, (yours and theirs) then you will need to announce yourself to your local community. Tag local events or popular hangouts when your there. This will show community spirit, keep your page alive and active. Don’t forget! A nice photo will go along way!

Bonus Tip # Participating in charity events is always a great idea, just being involved with your community and sharing your passion will make a world of difference.


Tip #5: Supporting your local community

Even if you do not target your local community it is always a good idea to use this tip. more people are likely the buy products and services from people they have met within their region. To show you support your local community and local businesses it is a clever idea to take photos with them. Chefs. Bakers. Butcher, hair dressers, your mechanic. Just keep your target market in mind. A quick simple post along the lines of “Look who we ran into today!!” Then tag the person / business, don’t forget to tell them how great it was to see them.

Bonus Tip # Use the tags that relate to your business goals. Including hashtags like #SupportLocal #SupportingLocalBusiness or something similar along with your area / region can be very beneficial.


Tip #6: Participate in photo games

By participating in the latest photo games it shows a number of important aspects. Firstly. your not a bot which is always important to express on social media platforms. Secondly it shows your personality and that your not just all business 24/7. Instagram is a social site. be social 🙂

you may have seen the photo games I am referring to. for example that is a popular one around atm call the 7days of black and white. the idea is to take a photo in black and white, share it and nominate someone else to do the same.

Note: everyday items always look fantastic in black and white, so the photos don’t have to be of products. Visit the local fruit market and take some photos or gnarly or twisted looking fruit or veggies. Parsnips and turnips have a habit of looking like people.

Add a catchy status update like “I was making stew tonight but ..this guy looks too cool to eat!”


Tip #7: Re-marketing old / fav or new products

If you have a new or old fav product you want to promote take a photo but crop it to only show a small section of it. Then ask followers to guess what it is. You could turn this into a friendly completion by simply saying the first x amount of people to guess correctly win the product.


Tip #8: Get your clients or customers involved

If you sell products Ask buyers to take a Instagram photo of it and tag you. Be sure to respond and Thank them for their wonderful support. If you would like to use their photo yourself make sure you get their permission first.


Tip #9: The Delivery

If you post out products or prepare products for delivery. Post Instagram photo and tag the new owners. “Your new goodies are on their way!!”

or if you do not have commercial products for example if your a business services provider you can substitute this tip with a photo of your business card and the other parties business card. and maybe a cup of coffee in the background. This will promote you, the other business and your new venture together.

“Just finished a fantastic meeting with XYZ, some very interesting things on the way!”


Tip #10: Page aesthetics

Page aesthetics simply refers to the look and feel of your page as well as your posting themes, and schedule.

Carefully consider this one. Put some thought into how your page wants your followers to feel. Consider the layout and your Instagram scheduling. Do you have a set method of posting? For example, two products, one selfie, two scenic, one inspirational quote. Also consider Do you have set days for posting? do you have set themes for specific days. Monday Madness, Freebie Friday, Fan Day Friday, ect. I can not express how important this one is. Do a little bit of research on social influencers and other business who relate to yours. Check out what methods they are using.


AND ofcourse.. TAGS.

Instagram is famous for photos and tags. Research tags that relate to your business but also to your post. This will draw in new followers.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are a million different ways you can generate natural followers organically. Sometimes you just might need to think outside the box.


Do what you love, Love what you do